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Achieving perfectly straight hair can be tricky, depending on your natural hair texture and length. However, with the right tools, products and know-how, you can have the straightest hair the way you like it! Follow these tips for great results.

Flat Ironing and Product Application

To achieve perfectly straight hair, make sure you are using your flat iron most efficiently and applying the right products.

Before you begin, section out your hair, clipping portions to the top of your head to allow the bottom strands to be worked on. Work from here and up to keep organized and to give the best effect.

Now, mist your hair with heat protectors and some styling oil at the ends. Most importantly, make sure to let all the liquid products dry completely before starting to iron! Ironing while still wet or damp will sizzle your hair.

Once the products are dry, detangle with a comb then iron your hair SLOWLY from the roots to the ends. Take your time. Ironing too quickly will not allow the hair enough exposure to the heat to allow setting and you will end up wasting time going over the strands again and again, while causing damage or breakage.

After you’ve ironed all of your hair, make sure to not touch it until it’s completely cooled off. The hair must set so that it keeps its perfect straightness! If you are prone to flyaways, finish with hairspray for a more lasting hold.

For more ideas on how to achieve and work with straight hair, call Misha at 303-722-5400. Or, request an appointment online.

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