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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the bend, we thought we’d give you a few Irish-inspired hairstyles to consider donning for the big day. Don’t worry – you don’t have to go completely green to fest it up!

Braided Hair for Good Luck

If you’ve been feeling particularly unlucky lately, definitely consider incorporating a braid of some sort into your St. Patty’s Day hairstyle. In traditional Irish custom, braids are a symbol of feminine power and luck! There are many options to choose from.

Woven with ribbons or lace

– Weave a ribbon or some lace through the braid to give a festive, fun flair to your hairstyle. You can go all out or just use one simple strand for taste.

French braid twist

– A French braid twist is gorgeous and classic. Great for formal and informal occasions, this style is versatile and functional.

Braided half-up

– Dress up the half-up hairstyle with braids for a pretty, appropriately Irish look. Try braiding a small section of hair on each side and tying back in the middle of your head. Or, make a French braid and stop halfway. Get creative! Go loose or tight depending on your style.

Traditional Irish Hairstyles

Small bells

– Tie a small bell or two to the end of your hair to celebrate the occasion. Bells are said to ward off evil spirits! And who doesn’t like a little jingle in their step?

Floral accents

– Incorporate a few floral accents to your hairstyle in traditional Irish fashion.

Celtic knot

– Create a Celtic knot in place of a standard pony to add some Irish umph. Celtic knots are beautiful and simple to make, just take a look online at some simple tutorials.

Curly blow-dry

– Curl the ends of your hair (if long) for a pretty, festive touch. Give a nod to the ancient days, as it was popular in Ireland in the olden days for women to wear their hair long and loose, and elaborately curled for ceremonies.

Irish Hair Symbolism

Ancient Irish tradition held that hair was highly symbolic of the soul’s essence, representing one’s magical, spiritual or supernatural connections. Thus, one’s hair color and cut were of extreme importance in the Irish culture. It was regarded as disgraceful to cut one’s hair short, the practice of which was often done as a punishment.

The Irish considered specific hair colors to hold certain meaning. Briefly, here’s what they would say of your hair color:

Brown Hair

: symbolic of a terrestrial connection

Blonde Hair

: symbolic of a closeness to God or divine, supernatural connection

Red Hair

: symbolic of magical powers (thus the phrase, “rub a redhead’s hair for good luck”)

Silver Hair

: symbolic of a connection between this world (earth) and the next
Now you’re ready to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in style! For more tips and information, call us at 303-722-5400.

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