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When it comes to choosing the best makeup for your hair color and style, be sure not to forget your skin tone. While these tips and suggestions take into account a wide range of skin tones, attention should be given to how a bold or softer hue may best accentuate your complexion in addition to your hair color.

That said, read on to learn which makeup shades will best complement your unique hair color!

Black Hair

If you sport jet black hair, plums and jewel tones are a great choice for your face. Consider sheer shades for fair skin and opaque shades for darker skin. Adding one color to a chosen facial feature, be it your eyes or lips, will accentuate your sultry hair and really stand out.

For your eyes, try smoky shades, such as navy or charcoal, along with black mascara. Sheer pink blush will add a light tint to your cheeks as well as you lips, or go with a bright pink lip gloss for pop!

Blonde Hair

Blondes will look great in subtle, sheer shades of pink, gold, champagne and peach. These tones will give your face structure that very light-colored or platinum hair does not.

Treat your eyes with vanilla, champagne or amber shimmery shadows, generous black mascara and light eyeliner. For a more dramatic look, use brown-tinted eyeliner!

Peachy-pink and berry-colored blushes will give your cheeks a sun-kissed glow. Try picking a color that is a few shades darker than your skin tone for the best effect. These same shades work well for your lips, though you could also go with a bright red gloss for a bold statement.

Red Hair

Naturally red hair adds warmth to your complexion and so hints of brown, copper, apricot and earth-toned colors complement this look. Experiment with a mossy green or sheer eyeshadow and reddish-brown eyeliner, paired with a pink, neutral, peach or nude blush and lip gloss.

For colored, bright red hair, try a dark navy or black eyeshadow to match your fiery locks. Avoid using any color that is too bright on your eyes or lips, opting for a sheer shade instead. A good tip to remember is to have one feature kept neutral and one bold, be it neutral eyes and bold lips, or neutral lips and bold eyes.

Light Brown/Warm Blonde/Golden-Toned Hair

Light to medium brown hair allows for a wide range of makeup color options, as it is not a severely contrasting hair color. Go with earthy shades or bolder colors, depending on your style. For very highlighted or golden-toned hair, use iridescence and luminizers rather than bronzers to brighten your complexion and add dimension.

As a general rule, those with light to medium brown hair look great in gray, beige or bone-colored eyeshadows and charcoal or blue eyeliner – more definition may be needed for lighter complexions. Cheeks and lips get a nice glow with pinkish blush and berry-hued glosses.

Dark Brown Hair

If you have darker brown, espresso or chocolate-colored hair, vibrant burgundies, metallics, plums and reds will add warmth and look great. Use a bronzer with golden flecks to create a natural-looking glow, smoky eyeshadows or metallic colors like bronze, copper and gold to warm up your eyes, and bolder hues of reds or berry shades for your lips to create contrast.

Brightly-Colored Hair Streaks

For hair accentuated with brightly colored streaks, choose makeup with neutral tones to balance out the wildness. Or, go the opposite way and opt for brighter hues that will really contrast with the color of your streaks. Anything goes, as long as you’re not being to matchy-matchy!

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