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With spring right around the corner, it’s time to dive into considering your next hair color to match the season and its trends. Last year saw bold shades, cool hues and colorful styles, but this year is somewhat toned down and more composed. Take a look for our predictions on what will be this spring’s biggest trends.

Lighter Ends for Longer Hair

For darker-haired blondes and brunettes with longer locks, brightening the ends significantly with a mix of balayage and highlights gives a classy, summery look that is on-trend. This effect requires fewer touch-ups, as there is no obvious line between the dark and light sections to manage. The coloring blends to create a natural glow at the lower half of your hair.

Apply a glaze to achieve more shine and a healthy, radiant glow.

Monochromatic, Rich Color

Deviating from starkly contrasting and bright, cool colors of years past, this year focuses on monochromatic, rich coloring all over. Using one luminous color that adds shine throughout the whole head is taking hold. Make sure to use a product that fortifies your hair while also disguising grays.


While monochromatic colors may be up and coming this season, tortoiseshell is still a popular trend that is not likely to disappear anytime soon. The mix of blondes and browns provide honey tones that look great on just about any brunette or blonde and on many skin tones.

Warm Blonde Shades

Cool, icy blonde shades were in style last year, but this year we’re likely going to be seeing more shades of sandy, beige, buttery blondes that exude warmth and bring out the skin’s natural tones. Along with this, soft coral coloring is likely to be popular this year. Combining shades of rose, rose gold and peach hues, soft coral is a quintessential spring/summertime beachy color that gives a “lived in” feeling.

Muted Pastels

At the other end of the spectrum from warm blonde shades are murky pastels. These are soft pastel highlights applied to a base of ash-brown to create a grunge effect. Worn short or long, this is a nice alternative to the bright and sun-kissed color tones that are often so prevalent in the warmer months.

Salon Misha will take your hair from winter drab into spring/summer fab in no time. Call us and schedule an appointment with Misha to get a jumpstart on the season: 303-722-5400.

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